Veiligheidspersoon Tram

The “lookout-tram” is used for short activities (Regime A) within the danger zone to warn the workers for approaching vehicles. This to prevent collisions with trams.
In Regime B the ”lookout-tram” is warned by the “coss-tram” for trams on the work track and he/she warns the workers when entering the adjacent track.

The "lookout-tram" must not help the team in their work. Risk is that the “lookout-tram” does not see the tram in time and that the workers are not warned in time for an approaching tram. The “lookout-tram” uses different acoustic signals using horns and whistles to warn the workers.

The “lookout-tram” wears an orange high-visibility vest or jacket. This safety official is the only one allowed to wear orange.