Safety Instructions Regiotram Utrecht

The objective of these instructions for site safety is to inform all personnel in direct proximity to the tramway of the general risks and measures which apply when working on or near the rail infrastructure. Furthermore, these instructions are to inform personnel and contractors of the specific rules and working methods to be applied when working in the Utrecht region.

Your employer is responsible for instructing you about the risks of the activities and the permitted detailed work methods and practices.

Performing works on or near the rail infrastructure has certain risks. To create a safe work environment, certain requirements need to be met to ensure that the risks can be controlled. First of all the risk of collision with rail vehicles and electrocution by the electrical system needs to be taken into account.

In addition to this, there are different occupational health risks which are controlled by using personal protection equipment correctly.

Other than having a safe work site, safe behaviour is needed to achieve safe execution of the works. To achieve this, people play a big part, because as you know: Safe work site + Safe behavior = Safe execution.

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