- You need to be in possession of a valid personal certificate for site entry. You need to carry this at all times with you;
- Wear the right personal protection equipment: as a minimum safety shoes and correct safety garment;
- Make sure you are informed under which safety regime the activities will be performed and the associated current safety rules;
- Make sure you have had the necessary safety instructions before starting the works;
- When working alone, make sure you know the risks and know that you are responsible for your own safety. Follow the directions of rail traffic control and Regiotram Utrecht supervisors where necessary;
- When working in a team or under supervision, follow the directions given by the safety personnel;
- Minimise hindrance to passengers and passers by, where necessary the work site needs to be marked;
- Leave the work site clean and tidy;
- Never carry out a safety and technical job simultaneously;
- It is prohibited to be under influence of alcohol, drugs or other means which can interact with your reaction time (this includes medication) during the works;
- Do not use a mobile phone within the danger zone for reasons other than related to the tasks;
- When using a mobile phone, pay extra attention to your safety.


After finishing the works, the safety measures taken are evaluated with the safety personnel. All safety related issues which occurred during the activities will be reviewed.
Subjects to be covered are:

- Was the safety regime appropriate for the works?
- Was the number of safety personnel present adequate?
- Have there been unsafe situations during the works?
- Have the safety measures worked as designed?

Of course you do not wait to report an unsafe situation until the evaluation, but take action at once. Potential unsafe situations are discussed during evaluation, so action can be taken next time. This way we can learn from experience during works, and, where possible, structural improvements can be made.