Welcome to our website VeiligheidTrambaanUtrecht.

The goal of this website.
The goal of this website is to inform all personnel in direct proximity to the tramway Utrecht about safety rules and risks when working on or near the tram lines Utrecht-Nieuwegein-IJsselstein. This allows adequate management measures to be taken in order to prevent accidents and incidents.

BVT (Access Pass)
Prior to carrying out any works you are to complete and pass an assessment, in order to obtain a BVT-pass.
Please follow the steps, as shown below, to obtain a BVT-pass.

Employers inviting their employees
Employers who register on this site can digitally invite their employees to follow the instruction and complete the exam.

1. Instruction

Read the instruction

2. Exam practice

Complete the exam practice

3. Registration

Register yourself to get access to the final assessment

4. Exam

Complete 15 multiple choice and 3 open questions

5. BVT pass

Obtain your BVT-Pass
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the exam consists of two parts the first part contains 15 multiple choise questions at least 12 questions shall b...
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