When working on the tracks, without adequate safety measures, you run the risk of getting hit by trams. Also in proximity to the tracks you run the risk of getting hit, because you can get sucked along by a passing vehicle.

The area where you run the risk of colliding with rail vehicles is called the danger zone. The danger zone is defined as between 0 and 2.25 meters from the centre of the track. At stations the area is defined as the area from the track up to and including the tactile paving for blind or visual impaired people. The areas are illustrated in the figures below.

Within the danger zone and at places where the border with the danger zone can easily be crossed, additional measures are prescribed by Regiotram Utrecht to reduce the risk of collision with railway vehicles.

Danger zone

Danger zone rail infrastructure and tram premises:
0-2.25 meter from centre of the track.

Danger zone stations:
Area from track to tactile paving.